BlinkAsia is an entertainment & consulting company that creates, develops & monetises television and web formats.    We are media, branding, content marketing & strategy experts focused on Asian audiences across Asia & Australia. 

Entertainment Specialist. Brilliant Marketers. Content Evangelists. Asian Experts.

In todays day & age, aren't we "supposed" to be all those things?  

BlinkAsia is an independent entertainment and media consultancy focused on the monetisation of television and digital content. 

Armed with over 20 years in broadcast and digital media, with numerous successes in creating award-winning content across traditional and digital platforms - amplifying them for brands & content partners across Asia and Australia.  

We develop, produce, finance, package and distribute content regionally and internationally. While primarily focused on the development and production of new original programming, BlinkAsia is also the distributor of niche existing titles comprised of award-winning programs.

BlinkAsia specialises in media consulting, branding, content & marketing strategies focused on reaching Asian audiences across Asia & Australia.